Q. We are accredited to ISO9001 and ISO 14001, should we consider PAS 99?

A. Integrated management is suitable for any organisation regardless of size or sector. PAS 99 will create a single unified management system and reduce costs, so yes absolutely.

Q. What will it cost to install an Integrated Management System?

A. A lot will depend on the status of your existing management system. Companies already accredited to ISO 9001 and ISO14001 will find the process simple and relatively low cost. NEED HELP - CONTACT US

PAS 99 (Publicly Available Specification) is the world's first integrated management system and outlines the requirements and specification based on the six common requirements of ISO guide 72 (a standard for writing management system standards).

Developed by The British Standards Institute, BSI, in response to market demand, it allows organisations to align their processes and procedures into one holistic structure that enables operations to be run more effectively.

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If your organisation is regulated, or your market demands that you meet set standards of; Quality, Environment, Health and Safety or similar, then IMS may be for you. You don't have to feel that quality standards will constrain your business. We specialise in helping organisations reduce cost and streamline their operations in order that they can respond to these pressures, in a positive and constructive way. Reducing cost is not just about losing people - people are a company's greatest asset.

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Business Continuity

Every organisation hopes that disasters will never strike and most, unless regulated to do so, rely on old out of date Emergency Plans which rarely see the light of day and were produced to keep the insurers happy.

Business is becoming more and more reliant on Data and IT systems. Some organisations assume that they have met their continuity requirements by relying on a backup approach. This approach really tells its own story. An acceptance that the disaster will happen and an assumption that the necessary resources will still be available on which the data can be restored. Our bitter experiences show that this is an old and outdated approach.

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Integrated Management Systems and ISO quality standards were designed to improve quality and develop a sustainable business environment. As Quality Management was developed in the 1950's by Shewhart and Deming proposing the PDCA (Plan Do Check Act) approach, for process improvement, the start of the slippery slope began. Today many organisations shy away from certification or rue the day that they created departments for Quality, Health and Safety or Environment.

Q. What will it cost to install an Integrated Management System ?
A. Not an easy answer. A lot will depend on the existing status of your management system(s). Certainly companies who have existing certifications to ISO 9001 or similar will find that the rationalisation process will be simple and therefore costs will be low. In addition you will be making savings across your external audit and standard maintenance costs.