Integrated Management Systems

Phil Heath Senior Systems Consultant
Phil Heath
Senior Systems Consultant

"Integrated Management Systems should reflect, as simply as possible, the related step by step activities that result in the achievement of the desired goal. The simplest way of recording these activities, or processes, is with a flow chart. One of the first steps in preparing for the implementation of an Integrated Management System therefore is to assess, at a high level, your processes. Done properly it should be possible to put this on a single sheet of A4 for any organisation." says Phil Heath, formerly of BSI, and one of our most senior practitioners, who has years of experience in achieving this.

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Sapira DAR Dynamic Aspect Register

We will use our tried and tested software, the SAPIRA-DAR, to store critical documents, manage your project and work remotely if budget is tight.

Five ISO Standards

A typical process flow chart for a small Facilities Management Company featured as one of our latest case studies. In under a twelve month period we took them through to Stage 2 certification for five ISO standards.

Process flow chart for a Facilities Management Company