Sapira continues to support this global brokerage business in the Financial Services Sector. Businesses with multi sites in the UK, US, Europe, Paris, Hong Kong, Singapore, Australia and other trading countries are subject to Business Continuity, Pandemic and Crisis Management processes that meet Regulatory and International standards.

This case study explains the benefits gained by using an integrated management approach without the need for certification.

In June 2009 our client, the UK registered Facilities Management company offering services to Middle Eastern clients gained certification to ISO9001, ISO14001, OHSAS 18001 and BS25999 using the Sapira Integrated Management System, Sapira:IMS. This case study highlights some of the business drivers, benefits derived and, in particular, the cost benefits arising by taking an integrated approach along with the critical project successes.

Few companies can believe that it is possible to compress their business processes into a one page management system. Well it can be done and is probably one of the most beneficial ways of separating process from procedure. It also serves to clarify the integration path for an organisation with multiple management systems and the associated problems and restrictions to improvement that silo management creates.


J S Wright has been officially recognised as a customer-focused market leader after becoming one of the first companies in Britain to achieve a new management standard.

The Birmingham-based mechanical services provider gained three national accreditations for its quality, environmental, and health and safety standards before being awarded the new PAS99 standard for implementing a fully integrated management system (IMS).

It took less than a year for an IMS team from the company working with Worcester-based management system integration specialists Sapira LLP, to complete the challenging programme, the results of which have been successfully audited by the British Standards Institution (BSI).


Questions & Answers

Q. What industries have you worked in within the last three years?
A. Financial Services, Facilities Management, Risk Management, Power Generation, Health, Insurance, Manufacturing (Various)

Q. Where does Integrated Management provide the greatest benefit?
A. In any organisation where you are running more than one management system or complying with more than one standard.

Where it all began....

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