Integrated Management System Benefits

  • Reduced costs
    Avoid duplication in internal audits, document control, training and administration, adopting future management systems will be much more effective.
  • Time savings
    A single management system review is required.
  • A holistic approach to managing business risks
    The consequences of any action are taken into account across the whole, ensuring that all understand how they affect each other and the associated risk mitigation is more inclusive.
  • Reduced duplication and bureaucracy
    A single set of processes ensures the requirements of the specific standards are co-ordinated, workloads streamlined and disparate systems avoided.
  • Less conflict between systems
    By avoiding separate 'empires' for the likes of quality and environment, responsibilities are made clear from the outset and silos destroyed.
  • Improved communication, both internal and external
    By having one set of objectives, a team culture can thrive and improve communication as a result.
  • Enhanced business focus
    A single set of strategic objectives of the organisation contributes to continual improvement overall.
  • Improved staff morale and motivation
    Linking roles and responsibilities to objectives and measurable outputs, makes change and new initiatives easier to implement and a more dynamic and successful company.
  • Optimized internal and external audits
    IMS systems require fewer audits and reduced demand on resources as a result


Communicating and justifying the need for change to your staff "Communicating and justifying the need for change to your staff is never easy. No one likes change and when protectionism, job security and scepticism get in the way, the task is even more difficult. The benefits though are many and varied" says Mark

Next Steps?

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