Scoping is part of our preparation for any project. It's the survey element of the Sapira process. As well as assessing the resources required and the gaps that exist within your management systems we will start to focus our approach by defining the scope of your single management system.

The good thing is that even if you don't go any further the scoping report you receive will provide you with a gap analysis of value which you can use for improvement.

  • Integrated Management Scoping Silos


    If IMS is a step too far, at this stage, don't worry. We can always work on one of your existing management systems and make sure that it includes the necessary common elements and building blocks that will allow integration with another system at a later stage. The benefits will still be worth the effort and will be felt across the whole organisation.

  • Integrated Management Scoping Normative References

    Normative References, what are they?

    A document to which reference is made in a standard in such a way as to make it indispensable for the application of the standard. Your IMS will collate the relevant normative references into one location.


  • Commentary on the Control of Documents and Records across the Business
  • Assessment of work required in developing the Terms, Definitions and Management System Guide for IMS compliance
  • Assessment of the work required in compiling the Normative References for the IMS.
  • Assessment of work required in integrating the existing management systems
  • Assessment of the work required in defining - Product, Service, Process, Procedures and Guidelines towards the development of an IMS approach
  • Suggested members of the IMS Implementation Team
  • An indication of the commitments required by the management and staff within the organisation
  • Determination of the overall 'Change Management & Integration Programme' methodology & Programme Initiation Document (PID)