About Sapira

Mark East Sapira LLP

Sapira LLP is a leading provider of Integrated Management Systems in the UK. Founded in 1992 as Sapira International becoming a fully fledged LLP in 2005, Sapira LLP is dedicated to working with our clients to minimise risk and deliver a quality service at a competitive rate.

We work as a standalone consultancy or, where necessary, use our umbrella company www.sapira.org.uk to provide a full range of management services.

By outsourcing projects to Sapira's team of experts you get highly qualified individuals at a lower cost than if you employed them. We are used to working in different client's premises on a part-time basis, spreading our overheads in such a way that we deliver extremely good value.

Some Selected Quotes

  • “...Unfortunately grey hair and baldness comes with the territory but, it will also give you the reassurance that we have the "savvy", that only comes with years of doing the job...” Mark East, Managing Partner, Sapira LLP
  • “...One of the first steps in preparing for the implementation of an Integrated Management System therefore is to assess, at a high level, your processes. Done properly it should be possible to put this on a single sheet of A4 for any organisation...”Phil Heath Senior IMS Consultant, Sapira LLP

What is the Sapira Process and how does it differ from PLAN-DO-CHECK-ACT?

The Sapira process of SURVEY-ASSESS-PLAN-IMPLEMENT-REVIEW-AUDIT, reflects a consultant lead implementation process.

Whilst recognising the Deming, Shewhart model, the Sapira process was originally conceived to take one step back from process improvement and provide an easy to remember mnemonic which describes a high level methodology for the implementation of any project within an organisation. We believe it represents a much more logical process flow and takes into account both a preliminary scoping phase, implementation and review as well as allowing for on-going involvement through audit and exercise. It also finds resonance in Argenti's corporate planning cycle.

The process has served us well for many years and has become one of the key building blocks of our integrated management system implementation.